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Gummy bear is divided into food gummy and functional gummy, in the production of candy, gelatin can be used as a jelly agent, stirring agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, adhesive, water retention agent, used in the production of gummy, gelatin has the role of water absorption and skeleton formation, gelatin is rich in amino acids needed by the human body, and its unique properties, gelatin is widely used in the production of gummy.

Gelatin for Fruit Candy is a premium material specially crafted for making delicious fruit candies.

Gelatin for Fruit Candy has excellent performance. It can perfectly blend with various fruit flavors to give fruit candies a unique taste and texture. Its excellent gelling ability can make candies form attractive shapes and elasticity, bringing a pleasant chewing experience.

In terms of safety, Gelatin for Fruit Candy strictly complies with relevant standards and requirements to ensure that consumers can eat without worries. After fine processing, it is pure and free of impurities.

Fruit candies made with Gelatin for Fruit Candy have a crystal clear appearance and bright color, which can well present the natural color and characteristics of fruits. It also effectively locks in the flavor and nutrients of fruits, allowing consumers to enjoy the fragrance and sweetness of fruits while tasting candies.



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