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Confectionery gelatine is rich in amino acids needed by the human body. Due to its unique properties such as thickening, gelation, water-solidification, foaming, emulsification, stability, etc., gelatin is widely used in the production of confectionery, dairy products, beverages, meat, bakery products, desserts, and delicatessen products.

Food Grade Gelatin is a remarkable and widely used ingredient in the food industry.

This versatile product offers several key benefits. It acts as a stabilizer and thickener, enhancing the texture and consistency of various food items. It is commonly found in products like jellies, gummies, and desserts, giving them a smooth and appealing texture.

Food Grade Gelatin has excellent gelling properties, allowing it to create firm yet delicate gels that are pleasing to the palate. It also provides a degree of elasticity and chewiness, enhancing the eating experience.

In addition to its textural contributions, it can help improve the appearance and visual appeal of foods. It is transparent and can give a clear and lustrous finish to certain products.

This gelatin is made from high-quality sources and undergoes strict processing to ensure it meets food safety and quality standards. It is inert and does not impact the flavor of the foods it is incorporated into, allowing the true flavors of other ingredients to shine.

Moreover, Food Grade Gelatin is easy to use and can be dissolved and incorporated into recipes with relative ease. It is available in different forms, such as powder or sheets, to accommodate various manufacturing processes.



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