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Unbalanced market supply and demand for medicinal clear collagen material prices increased by 20%.

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Unbalanced supply and demand rising raw material prices
In an interview with Daily Economic News, Nissan Securities researcher Xie Ningning said that the market demand for medical edible gelatin will further increase in the future, and the industry is expected to maintain a growth rate of 12%-15%.
Last year, China's demand for edible gelatin was 60,000 tons, while there was only 50,000 tons on the market. There was a market gap of more than 10,000 tons, Dong Jinshi said. A gap means that there is room for other gelatins to replace it. In addition, the prices of medicinal gelatin, edible gelatin and industrial gelatin are quite different. The prices of industrial gelatin are about 10,000 yuan/ton, edible gelatin is about 30,000 yuan/ton and medicinal gelatin is about 50,000 yuan/ton.
In terms of supply, there are not many enterprises that can produce edible and medical gelatin regularly in China. It is reported that there are more than 200 members of China Gelatin Association, of which only 20 have obtained edible production licenses and only 4 have received approval from the State Pharmaceutical Administration.
At present, China's gelatin production capacity is mainly contributed by Rosello (China), Jialida (China), Qinghai gelatin (000606), Dongbao Biology (300239), Fengyuan gelatin and other large-scale gelatin enterprises. According to public statistics, last year Rosello produced 19.5 million tons, Jialida 5000 tons, Fengyuan 5000 tons, Qinghai 5000 tons of gelatin and Dongbao 4000 tons of biology. Nissan Securities pointed out that foreign investment accounted for 65% of the gelatin Market share. And industry insiders told reporters that the export of gelatin accounted for almost 45%.
Qinghai gelatin and Dongbao Biology have received a lot of attention in this "poisonous capsule" incident. As the only two listed companies in gelatin category, they have experienced ups and downs, suspension, clarification and announcement. At present, although some assets of Jinjian gelatin, a subsidiary of Qinghai gelatin, have been sealed up because of excessive chromium. But the formal products of listed companies are still sought after. Qinghai gelatin and Dongbao Biology gained 2.37% and 2.25% when pharmaceutical companies stopped trading on the 25th.
In an interview with reporters, Dong Mi, Secretary of Qinghai gelatin, Hua Bimin, said that the annual output of Qinghai gelatin accounted for about 15% of the gelatin market last year. In addition, this year Qinghai gelatin focused on fish skin gelatin Guangdong gelatin project will be put into production in the second half of this year. Dongbao Biology, on the other hand, said that its capacity will not expand until June 30 this year. After July, its expansion projects will be put into operation one after another, and its capacity will gradually increase to 6500 tons per year.
Gelatin production needs a longer cycle, Xie Ningning, a researcher at Nissan Securities, said that although there is a large demand for gelatin in the market, it is difficult to rapidly expand production capacity in the short term. The production capacity of new equipment in the gelatin market will be released centrally in 2013. Wang Yan, representative of Qinghai Gelatin Securities, also told reporters that the company's opportunity to expand production capacity was planned at the beginning of the year, and whether to expand production in the future depends on the release of new equipment capacity, which is difficult to say at present.
In addition, the imbalance between supply and demand in the gelatin market has led to price increases. Information from CIC consultants last week showed that the price of medicinal clear collagen has recently risen by 20% and the purchase price has risen by 10%. However, the State Pharmaceutical Regulatory Bureau has strict regulations on the formulation of drug prices. Pharmaceutical enterprises are facing pressure to increase prices. "You also need to buy expensive products. In the past, big companies did not pay much attention to capsules. Now, after rectification, they will tend to be regular gelatin companies," said Xie Ningning. In addition, she thought that gelatin companies would not drive up prices, and their original proportion in drugs was relatively low.
The reporter inquired about the Food Business Network and found that this year's quotations for edible gelatin focused on 25,000 yuan/ton to 40,000 yuan/ton, while last year's quotations focused on 12,000 yuan/ton to 25,000 yuan/ton. It will be a long time for the industry to rectify the phenomenon that the refractory pharmaceutical enterprises may infiltrate the edible and medicinal gelatin with their own industrial gelatin. Dong Jinshi said that although the gelatin industry is undergoing major rectification at present, it will take a long time for the gelatin industry to enter the formal production. Among them, he was very worried about the supervision and testing of gelatin. Question. Not all small and medium-sized enterprises have been rectified. Many of them have gone underground. You can't see them at all. In addition, this period of time may be more convergent, but there will be future, Dong Jinshi believes that as long as there is a price gap between industrial gelatin and edible medical gelatin, some enterprises will drill this loophole. In addition, the current exposure is to use industrial gelatin instead of edible and medical gelatin, he is more concerned about the enterprise to mix industrial gelatin and edible gelatin, can also meet the requirements of food-grade gelatin heavy metal detection, which is more difficult to define whether harmful ingredients contain or exceed the standard. Therefore, the supervision of drugs becomes more necessary.
For capsule products testing can not be like a big campaign, even if this is over, Dong Jinshi believes that in order to make the rectification of gelatin enterprises and capsule enterprises really effective, we must have a long-term monitoring mechanism. In addition to the gelatin enterprises themselves in this period of time will have a big normative rectification, Dong Jinshi believes that the future pharmaceutical enterprises may enter the gelatin industry, their own production of gelatin. Large enterprises do not want to have problems, their own production can be better managed and controlled, large enterprises to expand their business scope or purchase related gelatin enterprises will become the future trend.