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Can food safety be guaranteed by swearing poison?

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In a hotel in Hefei, a huge sign reads, "All the family members of the hotel take their lives to assure you of our food!" Next up, the directors, the front hall, the back hall and all other staff sign their names and add bright red handprints. Are you foolish to see this? Some people who went to dinner said that the hotel depended on strength and reputation, and the hotel's "commitment" was not necessarily convincing. It's a poisoning oath and a red handprint. It's really amazing. However, objectively speaking, in today's food safety has attracted much attention, it is worth affirming that businessmen can have this awareness of "self-evidentiary innocence". The key to the problem is that food is cooked by itself. It is not safe and has the final say. Behind this "poisonous oath", the merchants are eager to prove their feelings we can understand, but this kind of poisonous oath-like proof may not win the trust of consumers. In the eyes of most consumers, this is at most a marketing method of the merchants. A business strategy, and their food is unsafe or unsafe in the end, the heart is still countless. From the perspective of businessmen, in order to win the trust of consumers, we must ultimately rely on real action, depending on the reputation and reputation established by long-term honest management and law-abiding management. If on the one hand poisoning oath, guarantee, on the other hand behind the small action, the violation of laws and regulations, then ultimately there will be no consumer to buy. From the consumer's point of view, there are obviously better ways to make them more confident about the food safety of the merchants: for example, the merchants take the initiative and actively accept the relevant departments'tests, and then prove their food safety to the consumers in the form of various certificates of qualified inspection, which is obviously better than the merchants' self-talk. In addition, businesses can maximize the transparency of food information, such as the source of food materials, cooking oil, and the kitchen frying process, so that consumers can see, see clearly. Previously, the media had reported that in order to prove themselves, there were restaurants in front of the kitchen all separated by transparent glass, so that consumers can see the cooking process of the chef at a glance, and received good results, this hotel may also try. In the final analysis, even taking life as a poison oath, it is not necessarily in exchange for the favor of consumers. Self-discipline of businessmen, supervision of government departments and supervision of consumers are the fundamental solutions to the problem. Jianghuai Morning Post