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Eating gelatin is safe to eat

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Many domestic media have questioned the addition of food thickeners such as gelatin to the old yoghurt, and the nutritional content of protein is not high, with the titles of "old yoghurt is really"milk jelly"and"old yoghurt is a hype concept". For a while, various comments about old yogurt came rushing in, and even some arguments such as "old yogurt is junk food" appeared. Is old yogurt good or bad? Experts point out that old yogurt is neither "more nutritious, pure natural" nor "junk food" as some people claim.
Fan Zhihong, an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, School of Food, Agricultural University of China, said that gelatin was a protein, which existed in yogurt 20 years ago. As long as it was used as gelatin, there was no need to worry about it. "It can be said that elastic food basically contains it." However, gelatin in jelly is the carrageenan extracted from seaweed and has nothing to do with animal skin.
Fan Zhihong from the cost analysis that large brands of yogurt and jelly manufacturers can not eat industrial gelatin: "online prices, 25 yuan per kilogram of edible gelatin, 2.5 cents per gram. If the amount of yogurt used is only one thousandth to two thousandths, the cost of 1 kg (10 cups) yogurt will not exceed 5 cents. There is no need for well-known brands to use industrial gelatin in order to save this cost. What is really worrying is that because of the poor purchasing power in rural areas and small towns, there may be a large number of fake and inferior commodities on the shelves, which requires food regulatory authorities to focus on monitoring and spot checking these weak areas.
Dairy expert Wang Dingmian said that industrial gelatin contains a large number of heavy metals such as Luo and lead, which are poisons in food, and no difference from poisoning.